Expanding a business into new territories and markets is a big job. Apart from the role of luck - good and bad - outstanding strategy is essential. Your arrival must be noticed. 

The decision in 1980 to open a Toronto office for our marketing agency followed an exodus of clients and prospects from Montreal to Toronto. We were looking for something different to announce our arrival. Little did we know that the announcement would be 70 tons of Canadian National Railway (CN) steel!

From the luck of having certain genes and parentage which help pre-determine health, character, home and culture, to the random luck of just being in the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time, this factor is often unrecognized and underestimated in marketing when thinking forward. It’s worth being aware of and factoring in during such a time of uncertainty.


Small businesses that include micro businesses are usually successful selling a single product, and perhaps the product's accessories. If a small business does not have a product (or service) that a buyer needs more than wants, it is challenging for the business to grow market share and find repeat customers. This is true for startups and those who have been in business for a few months or less than a couple of years. The monologue considers marketing elements that some entrepreneurs overlook.


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